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Infosecuri are specialist providers in Cyber Security advice and consultancy, we provide a range of consultancy services to help businesses and organisation's effectively identify and manage their Cyber Security risks.

Infosecuri's Cyber Security consulting and advisory services include:

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment - Undertaking cyber security risk assessments using a range of risk assessment methods and frameworks and identifying these risks as relevant cyber security risks to an organisation or business. Understanding the cyber threat and vulnerability landscape within a business or organisation and in the context of the businesses objectives.
  • Cyber Security Risk Management - Providing advice for customers on ways to mitigate cyber security threats, vulnerabilities and risks for customers, including advising on effective technical and non-technical methods to cyber security risk treatment and cyber security risk management within a business or organisation.
  • Cyber Security Compliance and Certification - Assisting customers in implementing cyber security controls in order to achieve compliance and certification with industry security standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. Assisting customers in achieving Code of Connection (CoCo) compliance with requirements such as the PSN CoCo. Defining assurance plans for customers to maintain their overall cyber security compliance and certification regimes.
  • Cyber Security Policy, Standards and Procedures - Developing information security and cyber security policies, standards and procedures for customers which are specific to their organisation or business and the nature of their security risks.
  • Cyber Security Architecture and Design - Providing advice and recommendations for customers on the design and development of secure IT systems and services, including developing cyber security requirements and recommending secure architectural patterns and standards to customers.
  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Analysis - Completing vulnerability assessments for customers to identify possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities associated with IT systems and services. 
  • Cyber Security Testing Scoping & Analysis - Undertaking scoping analysis for customers to ensure that effective Penetration Testing of IT systems or services is performed and in the context of the cyber security risk environment, interpreting the results from Penetration Tests into relevant risks to the organisation or business and advising on suitable risk mitigation measures.
  • Cyber Security Audits Undertaking both technical and non-technical audits and reviews on the implementation of cyber security controls for customers against relevant cyber security standards including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training - Designing and delivering cyber security awareness training for customers to raise their awareness of cyber security threats, vulnerabilities and risks within their business or organisation.

Infosecuri are a NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultancy and our Consultants hold a range of professional memberships and qualifications in Cyber Security. We provide Cyber Security Consulting services for a range of businesses and organisation’s within the private and public sectors. Although based in the South West of England we can also provide our services across the UK.

If you would like to hear any more about us or how we can assist you in addressing your Cyber Security needs or concerns please contact us.

Phone:  07949 934937

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